Getting out and having a good time is right up there on our priority list! To see what we're up to here and now or to get involved yourself, check out the events section of the forum.

Runs are a key part of club life and the most common form of organised event. Here you see some of the club refuelling after a run...

As well as regular fun-runs we have the occasional track day amongst other things... you can take your fun as seriously as you like.

Here's a wee taste of what we're into:


Well our Area Coordinator had said he was getting a bit tied up with his new business and he'd also said he thought folk needed shorter runs. So I made a few exploratory missions and PM'd about 40 folk asking if they'd join us on a reasonably short run around Auckland's west coast beaches - only about 160km instead of the usual 240k tankful... And lo and behold, on the day there were no less than 20 MR2's and a classic old Supra turned up at Westgate. Wicked!

Westgate meeting point - DSE car park

Of course there were a number of comments about the dodgy looking weather - I reassured them it was only playing games with us... Sure enough the after-run postings speak of sunburn! =)

Hampton Downs is New Zealand's latest, and quite possibly greatest race track.

Situated just south of Champion Dragway at Meremere, about half way between Auckland and Hamilton, it features incredibly challenging technical corners with drastic elevation changes, and therefore promises to offer some of the most spectacular motor racing seen in the world.

Well we just HAD to try it out for ourselves.  And it was a HOOT!

The layout used for club day racing lacks the massive hairpin-ended straight you'll see on telly, making it hard to exceed about 180kmh, but I'd have to say that's probably a very wise thing in light of our experiences.

Here's some feedback from one of the crew who were there on the day -

Each year the New Zealand Rocketry Association hold their annual launch day near Taupiri in the North Island of New Zealand. The event is hosted by Arthur Allan Thomas, on his farm - and he's a real nice old chap too...

A number of the Auckland contingent of the MR2 club have rocketed on down there on occasion, and if anything is certain it's that the day is guaranteed to be a blast!

But don't just take my word for it, check out what the NZ Herald had to say about it in this article about a New Zealand altitude record attempt witnessed by a number of the MR2OCNZ.

For a real good idea of what the rockets are all about, check out their videos featured here on the NZRA site.

The drive down is awesome too, taking in some prime Hunua twisties including the legendary Hunua and Ponga roads. Check out the map of the route - and this video to get a taste:

Atiu Park is kinda new -
A farm until a year or two.
Twisty roads will take you there
Trust your 2 and have no fear
Hold that pedal to the floor
Give it some then give it more
MR2's were made to stick
And get round corners really quick
You can trust your MR2
These things can stick like Supa Glue
Long as you have decent rubber
Best insurance always brother.

Met up and we did the dash
Didn't cost us that much cash
Great it was to get together
Windy roads and windy weather
Nearly there we tagged a 2
Then carried on to Atiu.