First Ade for MR2s... the founding of the MR2OCNZ

Adrienne (Ade) Mora, club founder, interviewed in August 1999 -

"This club was first started in 1994.

I bought my MR2 and tried to find an enthusiasts club but had no luck. I found a few other owners who were keen to be part of a club, so we decided to start one.


I produced newsletters, organised events and just about gave up MANY times! Finally, in late 1996, things seemed to be taking off (finally!). We put this down to the fact that more MR2s were available in the country and car prices had dropped to the point where people could afford to buy an "impractical" sportscar, just for fun. We were advertising the club more widely as well. I had the club listed on the 'Net, and was advertising in the Trade & Exchange and The Loot. I started charging $10 per member per year to help cover postage, photocopying etc and just general production costs for the newsletter.


In 1997 we didn't have so many events (unfortunately), but we hit the big 100 members! Many of the club members are in Auckland, but there are members spread throughout the country from Northland to Dunedin. Understandably, this makes it very difficult to organise activities, but the main centers (Dunedin, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Auckland) are getting organised with monthly drives and other get-togethers.


In 1998 we had to put our membership fees up to $20 per year to cover increasing photocopying costs, and then again to $25. Now (August 1999) we have about 210 members, and things are getting really busy for me now, so I'm relying more and more on club members to organise events. We're planning to become an offical club soon, and have some driver training track events.

It's been a long hard slog, but I think we've almost made it!"

Adrienne (Ade) Mora, club founder, interviewed in August 1999


The MR2OCNZ became an incorporated society in 1999 and in keeping with Ade's aims has brought good information and good times to hundreds and hundreds of MR2 owners throughout New Zealand over the years.  Every MR2 owner who ever benefited from our club's forum by way of technical know-how or fun on a run owes her a smile. Her simple objectives - to help us keep our MR2's on the road, and to have fun with other MR2 owners and enjoy these brilliant wee cars - are the fundamental guiding principles of our club to this day.

Mid-way through 2012, Ade finally decided to say goodbye to her precious AW11 "Gizmo", as she and partner Steve had decided to try life at sea - and sadly their yacht was a little too small for all their cars.  We had a plaque fitted to Gizmo, the club's founding car, so it could always be readily identified in future, wherever it turned up.  Ade lead us on one final run around those wickedly twisty West Auckland back-roads, finishing with a BBQ at her place.  It was a great day and a fitting "farewell" to the AWesome wee beastie that inspired the club.

Here's the forum thread from the event:

And here's a wee video from the day:

See you and your MR2 on a run for some fun...!